mercredi 9 avril 2014

Planting our bean seeds at last!!

The children were delighted to be planting their bean seeds today, at last! We were prevented by rain, Miss Ryan was ill.... but now the sun is shining and we are gardeners one and all!

Some of the children were very keen to share what they have been planting at home with their Mums and Dads. 
If you haven't already, why not capitalise on your child's interest and go planting mad this weekend!!!... 
We would LOVE to hear how you get on!

Watch out for the progress of our seeds as they begin to sprout....

Yum yum yum!!!!

Last week, the children had a great time making and tasting the chickpea dip 'Hummus'. One child even insisted that her Mum make it at home with her at the weekend!!! 


mardi 1 avril 2014

Poisson d'avril.........

Please sing the following to the tune of 'The Teddy Bear's Picnic':

If you go into 1H today
You'd better go in with care
For every child that ever there was 
Is running around with fish's the day we stick a fish upon you!!....

The children have had a whale of a time today making fish for April Fool's Day (or should we say 'poisson d'avril' in French).

They have not quite mastered the art of delicately placing the fish yet!! 
Remember to check your back, Parents, before you go out to the retaurant this evening!!!