jeudi 20 mars 2014

This week, the children have been investigating time on an analogue clock. (They have also looked at o'clock and half past in their digital representations).
The children had great fun when we took out the sand timers to explore how many times we could do certain things within 1 minute....
This is what we found:
In the time it takes for the sand to run out in a 1 minute timer, we can:
Count to 61
Clap 110 times
Jump 120 times
Touch our toes 39 times
The children wanted to carry on finding out what they could do but we ran out of time!! Here are some ideas if you would like to have a go with your children at home:
In 1 minute, I can...
Write my name _______ times
Thread _____ buttons
Run up & down the hallway ______ times
Do _____ sit-ups
**Do comment if you find the time to try out some of these things.**

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